Peace Within

What does inner peace feel like?

A feeling of complete alignment and balance...

You see perfection in what is happening right now. There is no conflict or resistance. There is nowhere else you need to be. There is nothing else you've got to do. There is no fear. There is no doubt. There is a full balance of emotions. There is a pleasant feeling of warmth raditating out from the skin. You hear silence, despite of any noise. There are no thoughts, other than what you observe. And if you close your eyes, there are no thoughts at all...

Just void.

Focus on being - Here and Now

Download PDF (January 2017)

Freedom through Understanding

Download PDF (January 2017)

Flowing with Love

Download PDF (March 2017)

Clearing up Anxiety

Download PDF (March 2017)

Letting go

Download PDF (April 2017)

Stepping into Alignment

Download PDF (August 2017)

Giving Advice

Download PDF (November 2017)

Inspired to Take Action

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Essence of Manifestation

Download PDF (February 2018)

Waking up

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